Congratulations to the class of 2017!  The 24 eighth graders are now part of the Graduate Support Program as they enter their high school years and beyond.  They were offered $219,335 in scholarships and accepted $175,835 of the monies offered.  We can't wait to hear about the successes in high school!
With the weather turning warmer, winter sports and activities came to an end with the annual student-teacher basketball game.  Every year, the boys and girls basketball teams try to overpower the teachers with their youthfulness in a friendly competition of skills.  While teachers drain jump shot after jump shot and throw down dunks, the students aren't gasping for air by the fourth quarter like the adults.  For the first time, students forced an overtime after the teachers gave up their lead in the fourth quarter.  Not wanting to come to school on Monday with a loss, the teachers powered through and continued their undefeated streak.  Good sportsmanship was shown throughout the game and all had a blast.  BJP turns its attention to spring sports and activities now like track, baseball, and field games.  Time to get outside!
Ms. White's 8th grade class took learning outside of the classroom with a visit to Liberty and Ellis Islands.  The 8th grade curriculum focuses on post Civil War history, so how the United States has dealt with immigrants over the years is always one the most interesting concepts for students to study.  After a quick stop on Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty, the class ate lunch and explored the immigration center on Ellis Island.  The trip was made possible by the National Parks Trust Buddy the Bison program.  The 8th graders returned to the classroom ready to continue their discussion on how the nation has upheld or limited the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence.
As part of Spirit Week, it was student teacher switch day!  In addition to special dress down days like this, flag day, sports day, and wacky tacky day, the BJP community listed the 100 things they love about BJP for the 100th day of school and celebrated with the 6th annual Friendship Dance.  The week was full of fun, celebration and reflection.  On student teacher switch day, the kids dressed as teachers and the teachers wore the school uniform.  Ms. Myers, the school counselor, led assembly with the following reflection: 

Even though we may just be swapping outfits for the day, we can look at today as a way to step into each other's shoes and see things from the other's perspective. For students, think about how it would be if you were no longer a student and instead had to stand in front of the class all day? What if a student in your class was talking back and not following your instructions, would you feel frustrated? What if after standing on your feet for almost 10 hours, you had to go home and grade tests and homework all night, while also planning for the lessons for the days ahead?

For teachers, being a student seems like a thing of the past, but what if right now you had to time travel and go back to being in middle school? What if you really did turn in your homework but somehow the teacher never got it, would it feel unfair? What would it be like if you had to sit in a class for almost 10 hours, and then go home and do homework all night?

That's a lot of spirit!

Congratulations to 7th grader Jamari for winning the school-level National Geographic Bee!  He will now take an exam in hopes of qualifying for the state level bee and then on to the national bee!  All students participated in this yearly competition, preparing in social studies classes and checking books out from the library to study over the Christmas break.  Each homeroom qualified five participates for the school bee and after students answered questions related to the oceans, states, continents, science, and world cultures, Jamari was the last one standing.  
As families gather to celebrate the Christmas season, the BJP family met on Xavier High School's basketball courts for the Graduate Support Program's annual alumni basketball tournament.  Alumni competed in a friendly 3-on-3 basketball tournament and played their favorite game from camp, dodgeball.  After the games, alumni sat down to a nice meal and caught up on high school and college life, reconnecting with friends and meeting other alumni.

In addition to helping current 8th graders with the high school admissions process, the Graduate Support Program maintains a relationship with graduates throughout high school and college. Just another unique experience that makes up the BJP way of educating and caring for the whole person.  Learn more about the three cohesive BJP programs by clicking here.
The BJP step team (aka Patrick and the Stepping Sisters) performed for families at the annual Thanksgiving potluck.  Families, teachers, and volunteers gathered in celebration of the BJP community to give thanks for all that we have.  Towards the end of the night, the step team took the stage.  They developed their own choreography during the fall sports and activities periods.  These activities take place twice a week, include every student, and range from sports like flag football, soccer, and cross country to activities like step and double dutch.  Take a look at the awesome performance by the step team!
The sixth grade visited Brooklyn Bridge Park and took part in the Awesome Oyster of the East River science activity.  In the classroom, they learned about quantitative and qualitative observations, practicing on items around the classroom before going on the trip.  Once at the East River, the young scientists measured oysters, found other living organisms on their shells, and role-played the food chain, learning the important role the oyster plays to our environment.  Here's a sampling of things overheard during the day. We'd say it was a success and a fun way to take learning outside the classroom.

"This is the best day of my life!" (Heard as oysters were being handed out.)
"I looooove you oyster." (Heard while measuring the size of different oysters.)
"AHHHH! A CRAB! AHHHH!" (Clearly heard when examining an oyster with a magnifying glass.)
During the month of July, the students went to BJP's Camp Montmartre on the campus of Fairfield University in Connecticut.  In the mornings, campers continued their academic work in reading, writing, and math.  In the afternoons, they went hiking, played team building and competitive games, did arts and crafts, took swim lessons, completed a ropes challenge course, went overnight tent camping, and so much more.  In the evenings, they discussed the values of BJP and the summer theme before chapel each night.  The theme for 2016 was to "seek grace in the small things in order to accomplish, believe in, and hope for the greatest things," a quote attributed to Peter Faber.  Take a look back on all the fun and learning in the video below!
Commencement ceremonies were held on June 16 for the Brooklyn Jesuit Prep graduating class of 2016!  The 27 graduates will be attending thirteen different Catholic high schools in the fall, including: La Salle Academy, Xavier High School, Notre Dame School, Cristo Rey Brooklyn, Cristo Rey New York, Fontbonne Hall Academy, Saint Peter's Prep, Saint Vincent Ferrer, Bishop Loughlin High School, The Mary Louis Academy, St. Jean Baptiste High School, Cardinal Hayes High School, and Saint Joseph High School.  They were offered an estimated $245,495 in scholarships and accepted an estimated $203,245 of the monies offered.  After four years of summer camps at Fairfield University and as students in Brooklyn, they now move into the third pillar of the BJP program, the graduate support program.