The sixth grade visited Brooklyn Bridge Park and took part in the Awesome Oyster of the East River science activity.  In the classroom, they learned about quantitative and qualitative observations, practicing on items around the classroom before going on the trip.  Once at the East River, the young scientists measured oysters, found other living organisms on their shells, and role-played the food chain, learning the important role the oyster plays to our environment.  Here's a sampling of things overheard during the day. We'd say it was a success and a fun way to take learning outside the classroom.

"This is the best day of my life!" (Heard as oysters were being handed out.)
"I looooove you oyster." (Heard while measuring the size of different oysters.)
"AHHHH! A CRAB! AHHHH!" (Clearly heard when examining an oyster with a magnifying glass.)


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