As part of Spirit Week, it was student teacher switch day!  In addition to special dress down days like this, flag day, sports day, and wacky tacky day, the BJP community listed the 100 things they love about BJP for the 100th day of school and celebrated with the 6th annual Friendship Dance.  The week was full of fun, celebration and reflection.  On student teacher switch day, the kids dressed as teachers and the teachers wore the school uniform.  Ms. Myers, the school counselor, led assembly with the following reflection: 

Even though we may just be swapping outfits for the day, we can look at today as a way to step into each other's shoes and see things from the other's perspective. For students, think about how it would be if you were no longer a student and instead had to stand in front of the class all day? What if a student in your class was talking back and not following your instructions, would you feel frustrated? What if after standing on your feet for almost 10 hours, you had to go home and grade tests and homework all night, while also planning for the lessons for the days ahead?

For teachers, being a student seems like a thing of the past, but what if right now you had to time travel and go back to being in middle school? What if you really did turn in your homework but somehow the teacher never got it, would it feel unfair? What would it be like if you had to sit in a class for almost 10 hours, and then go home and do homework all night?

That's a lot of spirit!